Thanks for visiting my site! I have always liked to be creative and over the years have done various types of woodworking. When I was just a child, I discovered I could take my Moms wooden sewing spools (yes they used to be wooden) and I had a little motor that I would stick them to on to the shaft and could turn them into various shapes. That is why I love to use a lathe. Later in life, I discovered turning pens and in the late 90's I was selling custom wooden pens.

I had always thought I would like to try smoking a pipe, as I remember the pleasant smell of the Amphora tobacco  from my Dad's pipe when I was a kid.  After turning 50 I bought a basic Dr. Grabow and some cheap pipe tobacco. That was the start! I started watching YouTube videos to learn how to pack my pipe etc.. Then I learned about the independent pipe carvers and soon I had created my first briar pipe and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to learn and hone this craft of carving briar pipes.

Randy Knott,  

Knott Pipes


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